Submission Interface

Set options for your User Submission site

To get started, go to the Map where you want to have users submit points. Points will not necesary be tied to this specific map, but there needs to be an underlying map that will be used for the users to actually select the geographic point they want to submit.

Go to the User Submission tab, and enable Enable Submission. The first set of options is concerning the Submission Interface.

You can set Categories for the user to select from when they start making their point. You can customize how these look by going to the Maps > Categories area (where you create the categories), and there you can set icons and descriptive text.

By default, users can add points only by using the map directly and selecting the point. You can choose to add an Address Search which may make it easier for users to narrow down their selection.

By default, all posts will come through as "Untitled". You can change this by giving the ACF field "name" in the Title Field. This must be a field that's on the field group you've added in the Adding Custom Fields stage.

Finally, you are presented with some Shortcodes with various options for placing your buttons wherever you would like on the page. These shortcodes have a few different parameters you can set:

  • type refers to whether the shortcode is for users to Create a Point (type="create_point") or to Edit a Point (type="edit_point")

  • button_text defines what the text will be on the button

  • header_text defines what the header of the modal popup will say

  • modal_size allows you to specify a modal that is lg (nearly full-width) or sm (about half the screen width)

You also must include the ID of the map in this shortcode (this is how the system knows which map to place the submission interface on).

[mapster_wp_map_submit map_id="7921" type="create_point"]
[mapster_wp_map_submit map_id="7921" type="edit_point" button_text="Edit Point" header_text="Edit Point"]

To set any other messages to custom text, you'll want to install some kind of translation plugin that allows you to edit translatable content (even if you just have one language on the site). This will let you change any of the messages shown during the point creation or editing process.

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