Learn about basic importing to Mapster WP Maps

You can import GeoJSON, shapefiles, GPX, CSV, and KML files. If you need more types added, please get in touch with us and we'll add them.

The version of the importer in the basic plugin can handle about 100 features at a time before having some errors occurring. If you download the Pro version you'll be able to import as many features as you like, and style them conditionally as well.

When importing, we'll scan your feature and show you some details so you can see if things look right. We'll alert you to any potential issues in your data, and we have even built in a small reprojection tool to help you out if your geo file isn't meant for web maps.

To use the reprojection tool, you'll first need to find out what projection your original file is in. You can go to once you have an idea. When you have a specific projection page on, you need to get the Proj.4 projection string.

For example, if my projection is "NAD83 / UTM zone 12N", then my EPSG page is If I scroll to the bottom of this page, there is an "Export" section, where one of the options on the left is "PROJ.4". If I click on that, I get the string +proj=utm +zone=12 +ellps=GRS80 +towgs84=0,0,0,0,0,0,0 +units=m +no_defs . This is what I should enter into the "Proj.4 string" input in the Mapster WP Maps Importer.

A new file will be downloaded to your computer once you hit the Try Reprojecting button. You can verify if this is now the right projection by going to and dragging your file. If everything looks right, you're in business!

Import from Spreadsheet

To import from a spreadsheet, it must be in Google Sheet format. In the Data Importer, select "From Spreadsheet". Instructions are there concerning the format of that spreadsheet and how to make sure your Google Sheet is public so that things can be imported properly.

Here is an example of a Google Sheet that will work in the importer. You can duplicate this and use it for your needs, just make sure all the formatting stays the same.

Import from Mapbox GL JS

You can import from our old plugin, WP Mapbox GL JS. See the video below for a walkthrough!

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