Elevation Profile

Show the elevation of a line over its distance.

Elevation maps can be great for showing more information about trips, runs, or other information concerning paths where elevation change is a factor. With Mapster WP Maps, you can create elevation profiles for single-line maps or multiple-line maps, depending on what you need. See an example here.

The elevation chart will show the corresponding dot on the map as you mouse over the chart, so you can see where the elevation changes with ease.

Single Line Maps

To create an elevation profile for a single line, first, create that line as a geographic feature. Style it however you like. Then, create a new Map and add that single line as the only Line feature in the map (if you add other lines, this will likely cause issues).

Once you've added that, go to Specialty Maps > Elevation Line Chart and click Enable. Then choose the Single Line option, and decide if you want the elevation profile to load immediately on the map load, or whether it should only be accessible by the user clicking the small "mountain" icon control that will appear on the map.

You can also select the profile line color, as well as the units (feet or meters).

Multiple Line Maps

Multiple line maps work in a similar way, only you can add multiple lines to your map and they will each cause the elevation chart to open and be generated on click. Disable the Single Line option.

Additional Features

Some additional features we are considering include:

  • The ability to upload GPX elevation data to allow higher accuracy

  • Showing multiple elevation profiles at once

Please get in touch if these features are valuable to you and we can work on them with more urgency.

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