Map Comparer

Show two maps at once with a slider, allowing exact comparison.

Creating a map that shows two different maps at once, with a slider between them, is a great way to show change over time in a map. Creating this is quite straightforward when you're using Mapster WP Maps. This works in both Maplibre and Mapbox maps -- but you can't mix them. You must compare two Mapbox maps or two Maplibre maps. See an example here.

First, you will need to create your two maps. These are created as normal in Mapster WP Maps. However, you should bear in mind that it's probably best to make sure both maps have the same starting zoom, center, pitch, and rotation. That way, when the map comparer loads, it will be in the same place for both maps.

It's also best if you make your more heavily featured map as your base map, so that loading will happen efficiently.

You can make sure your maps have different Styles loaded, or just maps with different markers and geographical features loaded in. Anything normally added to your map will be visible in the comparer.

Next, in the map you want to appear on the left-hand side, go to your Map edit page. Go to Specialty Maps > Map Compare, and turn it on. Then select the map that will appear on the right side of the map slider.


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