Clustering Options

Learn about customizing your clusters

In Mapster WP Maps Pro, we've added a ton of options for making clusters more customizable. These come in two general sections: Cluster Options and Cluster by Category. We've got some examples at our example site.

Cluster Options

Cluster Options allow you to change styling information, in close detail, on your map. This applies globally -- ie, all clusters on the map will be styled the same way. Clusters are broken into three sizes: Small, Medium, and Large.

For each of these cluster sizes, you can define the color, the "count" that defines how many points means a given cluster is Small, Medium, or Large, the border color, and the border width. This allows you to make clusters really work with your overall style and layout.

Cluster by Category

Cluster by Category allows you to break up clusters into totally different groups depending on the categories of the Locations you've added. You'll want to make sure that Locations are exclusive -- otherwise, the system won't know which cluster to assign a Location to.

Select the Categories to Cluster. Categories you don't select will still be broken into individual features on the map. Please note: currently this only works with Marker type locations.

Then, you can give the color for these clusters in the text box below. You need to enter a different hex code on each line, in the same order as the categories you selected above.


The clusters will be the same color regardless of how many features are in the cluster.

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