Learn about moving Mapster WP Maps from one Wordpress site to another

Migrating content can be tricky when moving from a local or development Wordpress site to your production environment. However, this is pretty simple when it comes to Mapster WP Maps if you do things in the right order. Our posts are saved in a very consistent Wordpress format, so we're actually able to use the built-in Wordpress Exporter tool for almost every aspect of the migration.

Here are the steps that should ensure a successful migration.

  1. Make sure Mapster WP Maps (free or Pro) is installed onto your new site.

  2. If using Pro, use the Migration tool (Settings > Importer > Migration) to migrate all your settings by downloading from your old site and uploading to your new site.

  3. Head to Tools > Export, and use the Wordpress Importer/Exporter tool. You'll see a screen something like the one above.

  4. Download individual XML Export Files and upload them in the following order. This ensures that proper categories and pre-requisites are created before they are referenced in other posts.

    1. Popup Templates

    2. Polygons, Lines, and/or Locations

    3. Maps

  5. Double-check to make sure your maps, geographies, categories, and images are all uploaded successfully.

That should do it! We hope this makes it nice and simple for you to migrate things over whenever you need to.

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