Google Maps

A few caveats when it comes to Google Maps

You can find plenty of documentation across the site for mapping, which was written originally for the Mapbox and Maplibre maps. While our Google Maps integration supports almost all the same features, there are a few small changes worth noting that we'll go over here.

Map Style

First, you can set a Snazzy Maps style from the JSON on the Snazzy maps site. Copy this JSON and paste it into the textarea for Snazzy Maps JSON on the Map tab in your Mapster WP Map.


There are a few different controls for Google Maps. The Directions control and 3D control are not present.

However, there is a Map Type control, with which you can switch the underlying map style, as well as a Street View control.

Miscellaneous Notes

A few small differences also exist.

  • No ability to customize a popup tip

  • No rotation on marker, icon, and text

  • No position X or Y on labels

  • No circle or line/polygon clustering

If these features missing causes you trouble, please get in touch with us.

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