Options for the Setup tab during Map creation

You must choose a Map Provider. This is the only setting that requires an "Update" of the post and reload in order to change.

You need to enter a Mapbox Access Token in order for the "Mapbox" option to work! If you're using Google Maps, you'll need an API key.

You can set an access token for this map specifically, or, if you've entered a Default Mapbox Access Token in your settings, it will automatically appear here.

Then comes choosing Map Styles, or the way the map looks. Different options will appear by default in the dropdown, depending on if you've entered a Mapbox token or not. We include some free options for MapLibre, and if you have an access token, Mapbox's default styles are provided as well. You can also enter a custom style ID if you are using Mapbox and you've designed your own custom style.

If you have a custom JSON from a customized Mapbox style, or from another site like Maptiler, you can paste it into the Custom Style JSON textarea.

If you're using Mapbox, you can choose a projection that's not the normal Mercator one, and opt to turn on 3D terrain if you want to do that!


The View section allows you to set how the map loads for users. You can set fit to features, which will zoom in to fit whatever features you place on the map, no matter the user's screen size. Or, you can specify a manual center and zoom.

If you're using Mapbox or Maplibre, you can also set a pitch and rotation to start to map in a more 3D position.


In Layout, set the height and width of your map, along with the units (pixels or percentage) you want to use.

You can also select if you want your map to be forced to be the same height and width as the user's browser window (full page).

You can opt to detach the map from the container it's placed in and force it to fill the whole screen (ignore container).

Lastly, if you don't want left-right duplication of maps (which is on by default, to keep scrolling continuous for users), then turn off Horizontal Duplication. This generally pairs well with the Pro feature Restricted Movement, so that users don't end up in empty space.

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