Submission Admin

Set options for your User Submission site

After the Submission Interface options, there are a number of Administrative options you can select from to be applied during the submission process.

If you only want users to be able to submit points that fall inside a specific area, select a Polygon you've created in the Polygon section of the plugin for the Allowed Area option. Users will be presented with an error message if their selection falls outside of this area.

You can select either a single Template Post for user submissions, or multiple template posts. This will allow you to preset certain styles -- whether that's marker colors, icons, circle radius, etc -- for user submitted points, based on a generic "template" Location that you have created in the plugin.

If you want to have different Template Posts for different categories that the user can select, check the Multiple Templates box to on and then select templates in the same order as the categories that you set above. These must have the same number of templates and in the same order to function correctly!

Notify Users will allow you to select site users who will receive an email whenever a user submits a point.

Permissions enable you to select whether anyone can submit and/or edit a point, only logged in users, or only logged in users with administrator permissions.

Publish Immediately allows you to set whether or not posts should be set to Draft when created (and thereby not shown immediately on any associated map), or should be made fully published right away and appear on the maps associated with the category a user selects.

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