Mass Editing

Edit many features at once

Mass Editing adds a ton of power and quality of life to Mapster WP Maps by allowing you to make changes en masse to selected features.

When you've installed Pro, a new menu item will appear under Maps called "Mass Edit". That's where the magic happens!

Select features as a group by choosing their categories, or individually using the Locations, Lines, and Polygons selectors. It won't matter if you select the same feature twice.

Based on what you select, you'll want to edit Points, Lines, Polygons, and/or Popups. You can edit any or all of these at the same time.

Options should be familiar and look the same as they do on the main edit screen for each feature type. Just press the Edit This Data checkbox to tell Mapster WP Maps that you want that particular data to be changed during the mass edit.

Edit as usual, then press the Mass Edit button at the bottom, and you'll be told how many features got updated.

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