Filters & Lists

Set various filters and listing type controls for your map

Filters & Lists comprise a series of advanced controls that allow you to create checkboxes to turn off/on features, searchable lists of features, and dropdowns -- all meant to allow your users to more easily find your features on the map.

Custom Search Filter

The Custom Search Filter will give the user an input box to type into, and using their text, it will search through the post titles and popup text you've added in order to present clickable results that will zoom to the relevant feature.

If you want, you can include a geocoder with this -- meaning that users will be able to search both the features you've added and real-world locations together. Your features will always appear first in the list if any match is found.

Filter Dropdown

The Filter Dropdown is a simple list of the features on your map, through which users can scroll in order to find a specific feature. Use this if you don't have a huge number of features on your map.

Category Filter

The Category Filter creates a toggleable list of Categories that you have associated with your Locations, Lines, and Polygons added to the current map. These are presented in a list, and include parent and child relationships. Users can toggle checkboxes on or off, thereby adding and removing different features from the map. You can initialize features as on or off depending what you require.

You can choose to use a custom color defined in the Categories next to the name of the category, a custom icon, or just to use the name of the category by itself.

You can also choose to have a checkbox or a toggle display.

Categories will also display hierarchically if you have child categories. However, any feature that has a child category should also have its hierarchical parent categories, otherwise the layout may not work properly.

See the Categories section of the Documentation for more information on customizing Categories.


The List is an interface that will present locations to your users as a list on your map. This is perfect for creating a Store Locator.

If you want to include a location search on top of your list, use the Geocoder Control in the "Controls" section, and it will interact naturally with the List.

You can choose to sort by distance, which will change the order of results based on the current map center as the user moves around the map. You can also choose to show this distance, and can choose imperial or metric units.

If you have a lot of features, you can also choose how many to display on each page of results.

See the Store Locator docs for more advanced options.

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