Creating your first map

A short guide to a first map in Mapster WP Maps

Creating Geography Features

You can create a map without any geographies, but you probably want to at least show a point or an area on your map. To create a geography, select a Location (point), a Line, or a Polygon from the left hand side under "Maps" in your Wordpress menu.

For the sake of simplicity, let's create a single Location for this map. Locations come in a few flavors: circles, markers, and labels/icons. We'll just create a simple Marker. Click on Locations and you'll see the screen below.

Click to add the marker to the map, or just search an address anywhere on Earth in the search bar. Your marker will appear. Make sure you give a title to this post so you can find it later. You can adjust some settings below the map, such as color, opacity, etc, and then save the Location post.

Learn more about Creating Locations.

Adding Locations to a Map

Now, you'll have to create a map to show this location on. Click on Maps on the left and add a new Map.

To keep it simple, let's just keep all the settings as default. Go to the "Features" tab under the map, and click on the Locations input. There, you'll see the title of your marker Location appear. Once you click it, it'll appear instantly on the map.

Defining Access Tokens / API Keys

To use Mapbox GL JS instead of MapLibre, you'll need to get an access token from Mapbox. Read more about that here. This access token is also needed for certain controls, specifically geocoders.

If you're using Google Maps, you'll need to enter an API key into the Maps > Settings page.

Once you have the access token or API key that you need, enter it into the Settings screen, or into a single Map if you don't want to set a default settings token for the whole plugin at once.

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