User Submission

Create a site focused on features created and submitted by users

A great way to enhance content on your site and increase user engagement is to allow users to submit and edit points and point information. You can see a basic example here.

Our User Submission plugin not only allows users to create geographies, but allows you to require any other information you need from users. You can collect data from extra Advanced Custom Fields, set different permissions, and create easy search functions for users to find their posts again to edit them.

This feature works by giving you shortcodes for Create Point and Edit Point buttons, which users can press while on a page with a map on it. Then the user will be walked through a step-by-step process to add their point and fill in any extra fields you've set up.

When you've installed Pro, first, go to Settings and turn on User Submission. Then proceed to the rest of the instructions.


This feature is complicated, but it can really help you create a powerful submission-based site. Let us know if any functionality you need seems to be missing!

To have a truly crowdsourced map, turn Publish Immediately to on, and set selectable Categories to a category already being used in a front-end map. Then user posts will show up instantly!

Combining the ACF custom fields with our Custom Field Popup Syntax can really superpower your site, too.

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