Global Settings

About general plugin settings and the settings page

This is about the general settings for the plugin, found in the Settings section under the Maps menu item.

You can enter a default Mapbox access token, which can then be used across the site any time you create a new map. You can also enter a Google Maps API key if you are using Google Maps.

By default, the Gutenberg editor is turned off for Mapster WP Maps Maps, Locations, Lines, Polygons, and Popup Templates -- but you can turn it back on if you wish!

You can choose whether or not you want different types of posts to be publically visible by users. By default, all the different geographies you create get their own pages, but you might prefer if they only appeared in your map and didn't link to a separate page. Turn this off/on as you desire here.

You can also set custom permalinks so that links to your map features don't show the default "mapster-wp-<feature_type>" permalink. This is great for your SEO and user experience.

There are also a number of settings associated with Pro. Find out more about these in their sections in the Pro documentation.

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