Popup Templates

Create popup templates for your popup displays

Popup Templates are design schemas for your popups. This way, you can pick what elements you want to have in different popups you'll use. You don't set the actual content of popups here -- this is just a template creation, and you'll fill in the real content on each geography feature you create.

If you click "Popup Templates" on the left-hand side of the menu, you'll enter into another custom post type. This comes preset with a few popup styles that we like, but you can feel free to create your own too.

Popup Templates provide you with a basic preview of a single popup, and some basic pre-set placeholder content.


You can enable/disable each part of the popup, including the Header, Image, Body, Footer, and Pointer. You can also set a custom image height, but the width is always set to 100%.


You can set background colors for the general background, header, body, footer, button, and pointer of the popup. These colors also accept transparency values.


Choose your text alignment, and text colors for the Header, Body, and Button.


You can enter a custom class to the popups which you can then style from your own CSS file -- or just enter in custom CSS directly. The custom CSS field is pre-filled with the default CSS already in use on the popup, so you can easily make changes.


Finally, you have a few other options, such as changing the max width, adding or removing a default close button, and choosing whether or not to have the popup close on click or close on move when the user clicks or moves elsewhere on the map.

You can also specify if the map should center onto this popup whenever it's opened, and/or whether the map should zoom into this point when the popup is opened. These options may interfere with other related functionality, for instance from List controls, so be sure to test them out to get the effect you want.


See Advanced Popups for more details on setting custom HTML.

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