Popup Contents

Set the contents of your popups

You set the actual contents of popups inside each geography feature post, by scrolling down under the settings for the geography feature's styling.

First, enable a popup. Then you can choose your popup template, and the interaction behaviour (click or mouseover).

Then, set whatever parts of the template you have enabled, which can include header text, an image, body text (HTML), and button text. You can also set a button action, going directly to that post's link, or setting a custom URL if you prefer. You can also choose whether to open this link in the same page or a new tab.

A number of extra options, such as opening a larger detailed popup in a modal, are available in Pro.

Note that you can also choose between having a single featured image or having a gallery of images -- whatever you need!

Optionally, you can also set a link for your geography to open as soon as it is clicked. Just press the Open Link on Click option, and set your URL there.

Do you have ideas for new popup features? Get in touch with us!

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