Custom HTML

Create completely custom Popup Templates with custom HTML

If you need to totally revamp the popup HTML, you can do it here. In the Popup Template area when creating a template, click the HTML tab. See an example here.

Enter in your HTML. Important to note is that, by using the tags indicated in the description of the field, you can enter in tags that will be replaced in the front end with data of that feature post. These include the Header Text {header}, Image URL {image_url}, Content {content}, Button Link {button_url}, and Button Text {button_text}.

Custom Fields

You can also reference ACF fields or custom properties that you've added to your data, similar to elsewhere in the plugin. For custom properties, add the name of the field:

So, in the case of the above, if you wanted to add "name" into your popup, you would add:

<div>Some custom {name} HTML</div>

For ACF fields, use the field name (not the field ID). So for the following:

If you wanted to add the "School name", you would add:

<div>My custom {school_name}</div>

This makes your popups incredibly customizable! Enjoy it :)

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