Group your geography features with categories

Categories allow you to easily group together different features. Any feature can have any number of categories attached to it.

Adding categories is done like any other Categories inside a normal Wordpress installation. This documentation covers a few ways in which categories can be used.

Category Filter

Inside the Categories section, you can also define a custom color and/or a custom icon for each category. This can be used to display in the Category Filter, which presents a list to users that they can use to toggle on/off different features on your map based on the categories you've given them.

Categories will also display hierarchically if you have child categories. However, any feature that has a child category should also have its hierarchical parent categories, otherwise the layout may not work properly.

Imports & User Submission

Categories can be used to "mass add" features to a map, or have features for a given map update automatically when a new feature is added to that category. This is very helpful when it comes to importing features in the Settings page, or allowing user submissions to automatically be added to an existing map. To do this, just add the category to your map (under Features in your map) and new features in that category will be added automatically.

See the Advanced Import and User Submission docs for Pro.

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