3D Models

Add GLB files to add awesome 3D models onto your map

Want to really bring your map alive? You can add any kind of 3D model onto your map using a geographic location, scale it, and rotate it as needed. Add as many as you need to create a really cool effect on your map. See an example here.

To get started, create a new Location and select "3D Model" from the Location Style list.

Make sure to use a GLB file. If you need to use an OBJ or another file type, please get in touch with and we'll make sure your file type works.

Once you've created the 3D model and style it as you needed, add it to your map by adding it as a Location. Make sure to turn on the option that appears that will load the 3D library required.

Once you've added these, you have to reload the page to see your 3D model. Now you'll also be able to see it on the front end.

If you need an example of a 3D model, download this GLB and take a look.

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