Create a map in Mapster WP Maps

To make a map: Look in your Wordpress menu on the left-hand side of the Admin screen, and under Pages, you'll find the Maps menu item. Go to Maps > Maps, and click "Add New".

This section of the documentation covers everything to do with the "Map" post type, which is where you create the actual map that users will see on the front end of your site.

Maps can be made with MapLibre, Mapbox, or Google Maps. There are some subtle differences in functionality across these systems. At the core, all contain the different geography types (Locations, Lines, Polygons) that you create elsewhere, numerous controls, and differing map styles and tiles.

At the top of the map edit screen, you'll see a live preview of your map, which updates as you change the settings.

By default, MapLibre is selected and a tileset is chosen based on whether or not you've entered a Mapbox Access Token in Maps > Settings.

Show Map in Post

To show the map in your post, look on the right hand side under the category metabox. You'll see the Post Display Options, where you can turn on Show Map In Post. You'll need to select a Template Map for this from amongst your existing maps, just so that Mapster WP Maps knows how to style the map that will show this single feature.

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