Custom Image Maps

Create a completely custom map using any image you want.

In cases where you may not want to use an actual map of the world, Mapster WP Maps also allows you to create completely custom maps from your own PNG images. You will also be able to create geographies (Locations, Lines, Polygons) using that image, so that you can create a totally custom map from your image. See an example here.

To get started, make a new map. For "Map Type", select "Custom Image (Maplibre)". This uses Maplibre as the base for the map library, but won't call any tiles and doesn't require any API keys.

A "Custom Image" file upload area will appear. Upload an image or select one from your media gallery. It will then appear as the map. Edit other settings as usual.

Creating Geographies for Custom Image Map

To create Locations, Lines, or Polygons for this map, go and create a new geography. Next, underneath the map, you will see a small tab saying "Use Image as Map Base". Click that and select the same image that you selected for your map previously.

Create your geography and style it as usual, however you like. When you save and reload this page, the custom image base will be used automatically.

Finally, go back to your map, and in the "Features" area, add the custom geographies to your image map. Presto!

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