Manage different controls for your map

With Controls, you can turn off and on, and customize, different buttons that appear on the map that give users various abilities. Make sure to see the Google Maps documentation for some slight differences when it comes to Google Maps.

You can set the position of any of these controls once they are turned on.

The zoom control adds a +/- button, along with a small compass that allows users to quickly revert to north if they've rotated the map.

The geocoder control allows users to search for real-world locations and zoom to them quickly on selection. When you enable this, you can also restrict the results to specific countries, by using 2-letter country codes separated by commas.

The geocoder requires a Mapbox Access Token to use for searchable real-world locations.

The 3D control allows users quickly switch between a 2D (top down) and 3D (tilted) view of the map.

The directions control allows users to input a start and end destination and to get directions in a default Mapbox layout. Once enabled, you can set units as imperial or metric, set default type as Driving Traffic, Driving, Cycling, or Walking, and set a placeholder text that will appear in the "From" input.

The directions control requires a Mapbox Access Token to use.

The geolocation control will allow users to quickly find themselves on the map by pressing a button. In Mapster Pro, you can also set this to load the user's location immediately on map load.

The geolocation control requires your website to use HTTPS.

The fullscreen control adds the ability for users to expand the map to fullscreen.

The scale control adds a small metric scale that responds to the zoom level of the users.

The download control, available in Pro, adds the ability for users to download the current data visible on your map as a CSV.

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