Dynamic Content

Use feature properties and/or ACF fields to dynamically fill your popup

First, you'll need to make sure your features actually have the data. You can see properties from geographic data in any given feature under "Custom Properties", and ACF fields will show up in the appropriate post types.

The screenshot below shows where custom properties can be added if you're not using ACF fields.

Head to any post where you want to create an advanced popup (or use the Mass Edit to change multiple popups at once). You'll use some special syntax to tell the Category Filter which properties to include under which headers. The syntax looks like this:

 Here's some popup content showing the {property_name}

Or, for ACF fields:

Here's some popup content showing the {acf.field_r4nd0m5tr1ng}

If you are using an ACF field, enter "acf." and then the field id (shown below).

You can use this syntax in the popup header, the content, or the button text. The curly braced part will be replaced with the relevant property value or ACF value from that specific feature.

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