Multi Features

Create MultiPolygons and MultiLineStrings in Mapster WP Maps

You may need to create, import, or edit MultiPolygons and/or MultiLineStrings inside Mapster WP Maps. You can import Multi features without any trouble, but you won't be able to edit them properly without using Mapster Pro.

To create and edit Multi geometries, look for the button in the geometry creation section that says "Edit As Multi(Polygon or LineString)".

This will open a popup window, either with the existing Multi feature or with a way to draw the multi feature. The instructions in the popup should be clear, but just to reiterate: you must shift-click different discrete features in order to join them together as a multi feature. You can separate them by clicking and pressing the "Separate" button, and then edit each feature independently by clicking on the lines and dragging.

This uses Mapbox GL Draw internally for the editing on the map: see the Mapbox docs for more information on this.

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