Geography Types

Learn about creating features for your maps

In Mapster WP Maps, we classify geography types in three ways: Locations, Lines, and Polygons.

All features are set in Wordpress as different custom post types, so they can be fully SEO-compatible (if you wish) and can live as their own posts. You can also reuse them across multiple maps, so you don't have to create any shapes twice.

Add / Edit / Delete

Adding Locations, Lines, or Polygons is done by simply clicking on their menu item and pressing "Add New" on the post listing screen. Inside each geography post type, you'll find a plethora of options for how to customize and modify each type of geography.

You can easily Duplicate any created Location, Line, Polygon, Map, or Popup Template by hovering over the post in its list, and clicking the "Duplicate" link.

For every type of Geography Type, you can create it and edit it by drawing directly, or by uploading a pre-created geoJSON for that geography type.

If you assign a shape a category, you can add shapes en masse to a map using that category, too.

Please note that the oldest shapes will appear on top, so if you want to make sure your features are layered properly, edit the published date of your shapes.

Fullscreen Editing

You can expand the size of the Editing map by pressing "Expand" in the corner of the map.

Download GeoJSON

You can also download the geoJSON from any geography type, in case you need to use it in another application.

Custom Editing Basemap

You can also set a custom basemap to use for editing, such as your own Mapbox Style, if you prefer. This is available only in Mapster Pro. To set this, add a Mapbox Token and then in Settings > Advanced Options, set the style URL in the "Editing Map Style" textbox.

Post Display Options

You can choose to show individual maps on the posts for each geography type by turning on "Show Map in Post" in the sidebar. You will then need to select a Template Map from your existing Maps. This map will have all its default features removed and will just be used a base for your single feature.

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