Displaying Maps

Learn about the options for displaying your map to users.

After you've made your map, you've got to show it off to everyone! There are a few ways to do this with Mapster WP Maps.

  • If you use Gutenberg, there is a "Map Select" block, where you can choose from the maps you've created, and everything will be automatically taken care of for you

  • If you want to use Shortcodes directly (as in a widget, or on a post), you can find the shortcode on the Map Editing List (on the right-hand side, near the date you created the map) and copy-paste that shortcode where you like

The following parameters are available for the shortcode [mapster_wp_map]:

  • id -- this specifies the Wordpress ID of the map to be displayed

  • zoom -- this specifies a custom zoom level that will override the one set in the map options

  • latitude -- specifies a custom starting latitude, overriding map options

  • longitude -- specifies a custom starting longitude, overriding map options

  • single_feature_id -- used to display a single feature (a Location, Line, or Polygon), using the map_id as the base template (without any of its default features showing). Use the Wordpress ID for the feature

  • You can use the map post directly and view it as a post, and it will automatically contain the map you created for it

Please let us know if you need more options!

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