Faster Loading (Cache)

Make your maps with tons of data much faster to load!

Although we don't generally recommend using Mapster for many thousands of features (it's better to start looking into tiling services at that point), it can be functional depending on your use case. If you have a lot of geographical features and you are finding that the map is slow to load -- or you just want to optimize your site and load time -- you can look into using our Pro Caching feature.

Caching will create a static file that contains all the geographic information for your map, so that the Wordpress backend doesn't have to execute any complicated PHP queries in order to put together all that information on an on-demand basis for users.

This is great for a few use cases:

  • Speeding up responses for maps that aren't updated often

  • Preventing maps that contain hundreds or thousands of features from executing long queries on every load

For maps that are updated automatically or very often, the caching feature isn't ideal, because a new cache needs to be manually generated every time.

To create a cache, just go to the "Developer" tab for the map you want to cache. Make sure the map has all the features and settings you want. Turn on the "Cache" button, and then press "Generate Cache". Depending on the size of your map, this may take up to a minute to generate, and then you will get a success message.

As long as the button for the Cache stays on, your map will now use the cache.

Anytime you make an update, such as adding features or changing settings, you will need to Generate Cache again for those to show up in the front end.

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